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Back in my college days, my dorm friends and I had a dare. We had to watch a full 45-minute clip of gay porn or pay $50. During the time, porn streaming websites only offered five minutes of sex videos. We thought we were in luck. However, someone had the idea to string along each five-minute video into a single long-ass stream of mind-numbing gay action.

That guy was me, and I took home that $50 because I already watched the entire thing while editing it!

Coming back to that idea, I remembered having downloaded videos from’s snippets in free streaming sites. Now that I do porn reviews and I am quite bored with conventional porno, I came back to the site. Lo and behold, it has progressed far beyond how it looked 10 years ago.

MEN is one of the leading gay sex sites in the world. You get 2,458 videos in full 1080p HD. They’re quite honest because older scenes that range up to 6,000 movies are also available all for just $20. Not a bad deal especially if you love hunky, straight male porn. Membership Includes

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