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Porn service websites want to glue your eyes to your monitors watching every realistic porno genre with the most attractive girls and biggest dicks (even if you’re a guy, you still want to see “quality” penises, admit it). However, over time, it becomes desensitizing. Remember when you were a teen and your dick got so hard watching nude Playboy girls? Guess what, it doesn’t have the same effect anymore due to desensitization.
Now, what if you never have to look for a video of you imagining yourself as the porn guy that some bleach blonde is giving a blowjob to and YOU are the actual star of the show? In addition, what if you can choose the narrative and small details of the entire storyline?

That’s quite the dream isn’t it? But for just $30 a month, you can make it come true on Life Selector. Here, you are the star, and you are the master of every scene that is happening. Jump right into exclusive POV content with thousands of sexy models who will do your every bidding shot in true 1080P HD and stereo surround sound!

Life Selector Membership Includes

  • Exclusive Content
  • The Hottest Pornstars
  • Pay-once-replay-any-time
  • Widest range of categories/niches
  • Weekly Updates
  • Credit-based pricing model
  • 200+ Uncensored Interactive Shows
  • An Interactive “Choose-your-own-porn-adventure” platform

Life Selector Review

Life Selector reviewed by Riley