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Virtual reality is the next step for entertainment. Now, you won’t need to buy a new television set or even monitors in the coming years because you’re getting a virtual world that you can customize to your hearts content. Sounds like a great investment, right? Now, this isn’t some VR visor selling advertisement, but you can’t deny the wonders and beauty VR gives any person who wants an immersive experience.
“Now, how about porn?” you might ask. You weren’t the first one to ask that question because the guys and gals at BaDoink thought of it, too. The best thing about it? They’re videos are compatible with Google Cardboard, the most affordable way to enjoy VR through your smartphone.

BaDoink’s high-quality ultra-HD content comes with a 4K resolution. For just $25 a month (or a huge discount if you are lucky enough to find one), you can enjoy high-quality immersive porn that makes it feel like every girl in the vicinity is inside your home, except your mom won’t find out. Love the best pornstars out there today? BaDoink’s got you on that one, too!

BaDoink Membership Includes

  • Browse VR Videos by Category
  • Get FREE VR Goggles (S. only)
  • Get for FREE VRPlayer
  • Compatible all devices
  • The world’s most famous starlets
  • Stream and download all videos
  • Stereoscopic 3D videos in 4K
  • 180° and 360° Videos
  • Binaural Sound System
  • 24/7 Customer Support Service

BaDoink Review

BaDoink reviewed by Riley