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Ask any guy and they’ll tell you about their respective curiosities regarding anal. The female butthole is an endless curiosity similar to the universe’s black hole. You will hear stories from other people who had experienced it, and it seems to be an elusive mystery that’s difficult to solve.
Mostly, you’ll hear that the girls experience excruciating pain that they protect it more than they do their virginity. From guys, you’ll hear varying experiences like it’s tight, painful AF, or other expletives. If you want to do comprehensive research, no other site delivers extensive documentation of anal studies than Analized.

The name itself shows you the comprehensive hardcore action of probing the female butt passage multiple times to find a decent sample size for erotic analysis (pun intended). For just $15 a month or $120 a year (that’s about $10 a month), you can have access to the Wikipedia of butthole porn. It looks painful, pleasurable, and mysterious all at the same time. So why not jump in on the fun today?

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